Flame retardant textiles

Fabric softeners should also be avoided because they leave on the fabric a film of flammable coating that can catch fire and spread throughout the clothing, the same applies to any kind of high-fat content soap.

Scan the clothing label for the best way to wash the fabric. If the fire retardant clothes are not in use, they should be hung and kept clean so that they do not collect dust and wear out more easily. It is possible to use disposable fire retardant covers to increase the life of fire retardant textiles. Available fire retardant covers provide an extra protective layer. They keep dirt and grease off the fire retardant textiles.

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Under the fire retardant textile, the garments that we wear will affect the worker’s fabric life and safety. Flame retardant textiles do not last forever, so workers should be told every day to clean their clothing and check for wears and tears. Replace the fabric if there are flaws like holes or tears that occur. For a certain number of washes, fire retardant fabrics are in fine shape. The chemicals in soap fade and make the fabric less fire retardant after a number of washes.

When looking for fire retardant fabrics do not forget about the maintenance as fire retardant fabrics can be expensive. Spend money on fire-retardant garments that last for a longer period of time so they can fulfill their purpose and save money in the long run.

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